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Phosphorylated Antibody

Protein phosphorylation modification is one of the most common and important forms of post-translational modifications. It has been considered by biologists since the 1950s as a dynamic bioregulation process. At least 30% of proteins in living organisms are modified by phosphorylation, which plays a vital role in regulating signal transduction, gene expression, DNA damage repair, cell cycle, developmental differentiation, and many other bioprocesses.

Protein phosphorylation modification refers to the process of transferring the phosphate groups in ATP molecules to specific sites of protein molecules (Ser, Thr, Tyr residues, etc.) through protein phosphokinase.

Studies have shown that, through phosphorylation modification at multiple sites, interactions between proteins can be regulated. Abnormal upregulation or downregulation of protein phosphorylation levels is closely related to the occurrence of various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer's disease etc. Therefore, the study of protein phosphorylation modification is crucial in life science and disease research. Phospho-specific antibodies are a key tool for studying protein phosphorylation modification, AntibodySystem has developed a series of phospho-specific monoclonal antibodies that can meet the needs of different research on protein phosphorylation modifications.

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