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DNA/RNA Antibody

DNA and RNA are often considered as genetic materials that store information. With the continuous research on the biological functions of DNA and RNA, it is found that the unique DNA and RNA structural complexes, which formed by different folds of their nucleotide sequences, exert key biological activities in physiological regulations.

Research results show that DNA and RNA play an important role in autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, tumors, etc. Anti-DNA antibodies are classified into anti-double stranded DNA (ds DNA) and anti-single stranded (ss DNA) antibodies. Anti-dsDNA antibodies are thought to be related with lupus erythematosus (SLE), showing a positive correlation with the activity of the disease. Anti-ssDNA antibodies, unlike anti-dsDNA, can occur in many other types of diseases, including some non-autoimmune diseases, such as bacterial and viral infections.

DNA and RNA research has become increasingly popular. Antibodies against DNA and RNA provide important tools for the research. Antibody SystemTM offers a variety of recombinant antibodies that target various nucleotide structures, including those targeting nucleotide primary, secondary and tertiary structures, covering single stranded DNA (ssDNA), double stranded DNA (dsDNA), hairpin structure DNA and Z-DNA, DNA/RNA hybridization, i-Motif, G-tetramer, U1-U6 RNA, mRNA, hnRNA, snRNA etc.

Antibody SystemTM offers recombinant Antibody research reagents with high specificity, high affinity, and high reproducibility. There are no hybridoma cells, no preservatives and no animal components;

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