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Therapeutic Targets & Antibodies

MABS,2016, VOL. 8, NO. 8, 1437–1455

Antibody therapeutics against different target antigens are widely used in the treatment of different malignancies including ovarian carcinomas, but this disease still requires more effective agents. Improved understanding of the biological features, signaling pathways, and immunological escape mechanisms involved in ovarian cancer has emerged in the past few years. These advances, including an appreciation of the cross-talk between cancer cells and the patient’s immune system, have led to the identification of new targets. In turn, potential antibody treatments with various mechanisms of action, including immune activation or toxin-delivery, that are directed at these targets have been developed. Here, we identify established as well as novel targets for antibodies in ovarian cancer, and discuss how they may provide fresh opportunities to identify interventions with enhanced therapeutic potential.

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