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Murine Bispecific Antibodies
2024-03-12 429

Murine Bispecific Antibodies for in vivo cancer research

To support proof-of-concept studies, AntibodySystem has developed wide range of murine bispecific antibodies for in vivo experiments. All catalogues are accessible conveniently from our global distributors with short delivery time.As a complement, the design and development of custom bispecific antibody from randomly chosen targets are also available.

  • Designed with a fully murine structure to minimize immune response in mouse models.
  • The lgG-like structure of the antibody can better ensure that the antibody work well in the studies.
  • Guaranteed low endotoxin and high purity levels,ideal for in vivo cancer research.
  • Proven efficacyin T-cell-mediated tumor cell eradication in murine systems

Murine Bispecific Antibodies for in vivo cancer research


Target pairs Target pairs
mPD-1 mPD-L1 mLAG3 + mPD-L1
mPD-1 mCD47 mLAG3 + mPD-1
mPD-L1 + mCD3E mCD276 + mCD3E
mPD-L1 mCD47 mGPC3 + mCD3E
mPD-L1 mOX40 mROR1 mCD3E
mPD-L1 mCD28 mNectin4 mCD3E
mCD19 mCD3E mCTLA-4 mPD-L1
mCD20 + mCD3E mCTLA-4 mOX40


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